Sex under different rays

If it's just silly and nobody, including yourself, believes it, why in God's name did you just waste 3 pages explaining it? When he does cite academic sources, which is extremely rare, he often uses poor sources or frequently gets what those sources say wrong. This book is the perfect example of the Dunning-Kruger effect. Bill and Virginia agree to have the TV special aired. Ray has no idea what he doesn't know about religion or religious traditions.

Sex under different rays

Retrieved March 4, This book is the perfect example of the Dunning-Kruger effect. Critical response[ edit ] The second season of Masters of Sex has received acclaim from critics. Territory that has never been examined? I definitely didn't learn a whole lot from this book, and almost halfway through I was only reading to justify the money I spent on it. What little he says about Islam, Buddhism and Hinduism he gets wrong. It's cringe-worthy, and the entire book is reflective of this sort of thinking. It's dismissive, highly biased, and incredibly suspect. Retrieved June 12, Archived from the original on March 5, This time it's a spy spoof, with a government agent and the evil henchman of a sexy female criminal vying to regain possession of a pair of top secret X-ray vision glasses that have fallen into the hands of a ditzy stripper and her dopey boyfriend. At times he mixes up an Islamic Scholar which he misread and quoted from a very sketchy website with the Qur'an, at other times he implies that Buddhists pray to a higher power for salvation. I suspect having come out of a conservative Christian tradition Ray is using that tradition as his prototype for what all religions are like and thus projecting his own beliefs into other cultural and religious contexts. The author talks again and again about the fact that religion distorts sexuality. Nicole Sheridan and Alexandre Boisvert with another silly hairdo are back as the ditzy couple and do their regular clowning, and Brad Bartram is very good in the straight comic role of the government agent. If it's just silly and nobody, including yourself, believes it, why in God's name did you just waste 3 pages explaining it? His treatment is superficial, highly biased, negligent of the academic work that's come before, often times self-contradictory, and he wears his pro-polyamory and anti-religion agendas on his sleeve. If you seen any of the previous films e. And as always, Evan Stone does his thing in the over-the-top campy role with ridiculous costume , this time as the evil henchman. But I couldn't find much psychology, anthropology, history, etc to explain why and how that happens. Archived from the original on August 30, Barbara and Lester start a platonic relationship. Part-timer Christine Nguyen and her cute smile pops in for a couple of scenes, and newcomer Demi Delia does a good job as the Russian double agent. As for the new girls, Demi Delia is fine, Shannon Kelly looks good except for the low quality breast job, and Daisy Marie is a very beautiful and all natural girl. It turns out that Bill had asked Barton Beau Bridges to call in favors so that Kaufman's spot was aired first, thereby burying Bill and Virginia's special unaired. So my issue is not with the book's stance.

Sex under different rays

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  1. A silly but moderately amusing comic spoof of some movie genre, a cast half made up from Fred's band of regulars who've found a niche, and six good solid simulated sex scenes.

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