How to have slow sex

I spent years studying Taoist sexual philosophy, and one of my absolute favourite concepts that came from them is the idea that women and men cultivate sexual energy differently. All of your parts, with all of their parts, all of the time. Read this article and then this one , allow the time and space for slowness in your pre-sex rituals. There are two ways to communicate—either verbally or non-verbally. Share your thoughts in the comments!

How to have slow sex

If you think about it, we find eye contact to be aggressive even in normal situations; aggressive and intrusive. And what does it look like when rubber hits the road or when bare skin touches bedsheets? During Your Sexual Play Foreplay is great, and taking it slowly definitely sets the stage for some luscious, nourishing, heart-exploding sexual play. After at least five minutes, you can rub your chest along his back. On the flip side of this, it is also advisable for you to be expressive in your enjoyment during sex. Shutterstock Sex is a craft; and just like any other craft, one improves with study and practice. We forget that sometimes, we forget the bravery involved in sex and intimacy, and how much we all risk in sharing this with each other. So make and effort to connect with your partner through skin to skin contact and other things, such as kissing and eye contact. Maybe she has her own unique style of foreplay not mentioned above that gets her going foot massage, spanking, twenty minutes of you slowly sucking on her nipples, etc. How would you touch your lover if the intent behind your touch was to show and communicate tenderness? Slowly find your way there. Both are important to long term happiness in a relationship. Some men love that. Learn How to OM: Anything to distract us from how disconnected we are from our bodies. Take my word for it—eye contact is sexy and it helps build intimacy and helps further communication between both partners! There is absolutely a time and place for that. Truth is the greatest turn on; the truth of sensation and desire. Every person on the planet is sexually unique. Sex is about feeling and connecting and playing and enjoying. Women like a soft touch, and most men like to start off slow, even if they enjoy harder stuff later on. Most people rush through foreplay or forget it all together, skipping straight to the actual insertion. Your partner will love it, guaranteed. Just take your time. The more anxious and disconnected we feel from our selves, the more prone we are to craving quick fixes. Women especially think that being assertive and knowing what they like and dislike during sex and voicing these opinions and thoughts is a turn off for most men, and are unlikely to really be sexually forward in that manner.

How to have slow sex

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  1. Even for men, despite what most women thing. Women like a soft touch, and most men like to start off slow, even if they enjoy harder stuff later on.

  2. Gently palm his balls I know, balls can be confusing… but just start gently and work your way up from there. Do something that loosens you up and gets you out of your head, and into your body.

  3. Let your hair act as another hand… drag it over him slowly, let it fall where it wants to. Press your body against his.

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