Black men sex with men

New York Times Magazine. Extensions of respondent-driven sampling: HIV-positive, without a clue: Accessed July 1, 3. Double lives on the down low.

Black men sex with men

A secret sex world: Accessed July 1, 7. Open in a separate window Note. Discordance between sexual behavior and self-reported sexual identity: The authors would like to thank the entire Brothers y Hermanos study team, community-based partners in Philadelphia and New York City for their collaboration on the study, and volunteer members of local community advisory boards who guided the design and implementation of the study. Although down-low MSM were more likely than were nondown-low MSM to report a female sex partner, both groups of men engaged in comparable sexual risks with female partners. Accessed July 1, 2. Down-low MSM were much more likely to identify as bisexual or homosexual than heterosexual, and nondown-low MSM were just as likely as down-low MSM to report being heterosexual. Third, our study challenges prevailing assumptions that men on the down low primarily identify as heterosexual. HIV-positive, without a clue: The great down-low debate. Extensions of respondent-driven sampling: S11—S16 [ PubMed ] Broadway Books; 4. New York Times Magazine. Accessed July 1, 3. April 16, 6. All HIV testing information was collected with signed informed consent. Second, identifying with the down low did not always imply having female sex partners. Our study has its limitations. Accessed July 1, 9. J Nat Med Assoc. Accessed July 1, First, the survey did not differentiate primary identification as down low from other identities that down-low men may have chosen. Findings from our study underscore the limitations of using identity rather than sexual behavior to predict sexual risk. Second, the men in our sample were predominantly low income and were recruited in metropolitan areas in the Northeast; they may not be representative of Black MSM overall.

Black men sex with men

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