All female sex wrestling

Ourgirls look like WWE divas, but actually fight for real in bikinis and lingerie! Cute teen with nice tits on omegle leaked from redxxxcams. An elegant woman taming a Savage. With sexy models in the sleezy and glamorous world oF catfighting. Our group was based in the year , but we make live fights since 3 years all over Austria an Germany. I make no representation about the accuracy of this list. Please do not send me material which infringes the copyrights of others. Use the contacts at your own risk. In the male-dominated world of WWE, these 25 women used their brains, beauty and power to make an indelible mark on sports-entertainment.

All female sex wrestling

I assume that those who submit reports to be included in this list are granting permission for me to include their original material in this list. Check out this hot catfighting action. If her momentum continues, Phoenix will soon top a list like this. From the Extreme Makeover to the Primal Scream, the lovely Latina has countless ways to finish off her opponents. But familial strife aside, none can disagree that daddy's little girl has grown up to become one of the most influential women of the squared circle. Remember, comments here are primarily from advertisements or inputs from others; I have no way to verify them and I don't personally know many of my correspondents. While her quest for censorship wasn't always successful, the double-tough Diva did win the Women's Championship on three occasions, besting the likes of Fabulous Moolah and Lita in the process. How's that for impact? Copyrights Any part of this list to which I hold original copyrights may be copied and reproduced, without further permission. Disgusted by the prevalence of bikini contests that greeted her when she arrived, Ivory set her sights on cleaning up the Divas division. Perhaps the most popular Diva of the modern era, Mickie's natural beauty and impressive work ethic is setting the standard for women in wrestling today. Seventy years later, she was still bumping around with the best of them. Perhaps the most influential female wrestler of all time she trained many of the women on this list , Moolah was a hated villain for decades, but in later years, she became a hilarious and beloved fixture on WWE television. Still, the WWE Universe's hatred couldn't deter her success and by the time she left the ring in , Lita was a four-time Women's Champion. Blayze's career wasn't without controversy though. With her appearance on Raw in , the Hall of Famer achieved another career milestone, becoming the first grappler to appear at events in nine different decades. My worth, my purpose, my existence altered. In the male-dominated world of WWE, these 25 women used their brains, beauty and power to make an indelible mark on sports-entertainment. Video Downloads and DVDs. And while she never held the Women's Championship, the former Miss Galaxy winner can lay claim to performing in one of the most downloaded matches in WWE. If it's important to you to always be able to reach this site, bookmark the mirror address as well. Competitive, Pro-Style and Custom Matches! This popularity was on full display in when she defeated The Fabulous Moolah live on MTV for the Women's Title, ending Moolah's year reign as champion and drawing one of the largest ratings in cable television history. There is also a mirror for this site at: I generally don't post complaints and negative reviews.

All female sex wrestling

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